Hikers helping hikers

We’re hikers. We’re Floridians. We know what it’s like to deal with heat, humidity, insects, and weather than can swing from tropical to freezing on a winter’s day. We founded the Florida Trail Hikers Alliance to encourage more people to hike our 1,400-mile National Scenic Trail, the Florida Trail, and to provide you resources to help you accomplish that goal. If you’re planning a day hike, an overnighter, a long section, or a thru-hike, we’re here to help.

FLORIDA IS DIFFERENT. What you’ve learned on other long distance trails doesn’t hold true in Florida. Our hiking season is flip-flopped from the rest of the United States: October through April. Our best backpacking is in the dead of winter. This is the only long distance trail in the USA where you won’t run into snow. And despite our lack of mountains, the Florida Trail is not an easy trail to complete. That’s why providing hiking information to you to help you get out there and enjoy the trail is an important part of our mission, as is organizing events and moderating online groups where experienced hikers can help out hikers new to the Florida Trail.

Join the conversation on our Facebook group, Florida Trail Hikers, where you can ask questions of experienced hikers, locate shuttle assistance, post trips reports, and get acquainted with the trail.

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The Hiking Experience

After more than 50 years, the Florida Trail – one of eleven Federally designated National Scenic Trails in the United States – is still a work in progress. Our nonprofit mission is to educate you about our statewide 1,400-mile trail, and to provide resources to assist you in planning your hikes on the Florida Trail.

One of the best ways to learn about the Florida Trail is through the experiences of past hikers. On Instagram, follow our feed at Florida Trail Hikers Alliance. Follow along with the adventures of thru-hikers during our thru-hike season (December through March) by visiting FTthruHIKE on Instagram and on Facebook.