Books about the Florida Trail

Compared to the Appalachian Trail, there aren’t a lot of books about the Florida Trail. What is especially lacking is first-person accounts of hiking it. As the authors of some of these books, we can tell you why: books about the Florida Trail don’t make enough money for publishers.

Most of these books were written because the people involved with them had a passion for the trail and/or took on the publication costs themselves.

Links lead to purchase points for books that are still in print. Books with a * are books about the trail experience. The rest are guidebooks to the trail.

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A Chronological Florida Trail Bibliography

Book Year(s) Author(s)
Walking the Florida Trail 1985/1987/1988 FTA/John Keller and Ernie Baldini
Florida Hiking Trails 1991 FTA/Nancy Gildersleeve
Hiking Guide to the Florida Trail 1988/1992 FTA/Nancy Gildersleeve
From Here to There on the Florida Trail 1998/1999 Susan Roquemore and Joan Hobson
Long Distance Backpacking the Florida Trail 1998/1999 FTA/Rick Gushe editor
Along the Florida Trail* 2003 Sandra Friend and Bart Smith
Florida Trail Companion Guide for Long Distance Hikers 2003/2005/2007 FTA/Sandra Friend
The Florida Trail: The Official Hiking Guide 2004 Sandra Friend
Hiking the Florida Trail* 2008 Johnny Molloy
The Florida Trail Data Book 2008-2016 Florida Trail Association
Florida Any Way You Can* 2011 Steve Sheridan
The Florida Trail Guide 2013/2015/2017 Sandra Friend and John Keatley
The Florida Trail End to End* 2015 Mike Umbarger
The Florida Trail: Florida's National Scenic Trail* 2016 Sandra Friend and John Keatley

In addition to the above books, there are more books that include the Florida Trail as part of a larger discussion on hiking, either hiking in Florida or hiking the National Scenic Trails.

Books that include the Florida Trail in part

Book Year(s) Author(s)
Introduction to Foot Trails in America 1972 Robert Colwell
The American Walk Book 1978 Jean Craighead George
The Hiker’s Guide to Florida 1993 M. Timothy O’Keefe
Hiking Florida 1997 M. Timothy O’Keefe
A Hiking Guide to the Trails of Florida 1998 Elizabeth Carter
America’s National Scenic Trails 2001 Kathleen Ann Cordes
The Hiking Trails of Florida’s National Forests Parks and Preserves 2001 Johnny Molloy
America’s National Trails: Journeys across Land and Time 2002 Glen Scherer
Ten Million Steps* 2002 M.J. Eberhardt
Where Less the Path is Worn* 2004 M.J. Eberhardt
A Hiker’s Guide to the Sunshine State 2005 Sandra Friend
The Hiking Trails of Florida’s National Forests Parks and Preserves 2007 Johnny Molloy and Sandra Friend
Hiking Central Florida 2008 M. Timothy O’Keefe
Exploring Florida’s Botanical Wonders 2009 Sandra Friend
Hiking North Florida and the Panhandle 2009 M. Timothy O’Keefe
Hiking South Florida and the Keys 2009 M. Timothy O’Keefe
Five Star Trails Orlando 2012 Sandra Friend
Five Star Trails Gainesville & Ocala 2013 Sandra Friend and John Keatley
A Twentieth Century Argonaut* 2013 Ernest Baldini
Trail Reflections: 50 Years of Hiking and Backpacking* 2013 James A. Kern
America’s Great Hiking Trails* 2014 Karen Berger and Bart Smith
The Hidden Tracks* 2018 Cam "Swami" Honan
50 Hikes in Central Florida 2018 Sandra Friend and John Keatley

Love trail books? Check out the reviews and recommendations on Linda “Earthworm” Patton’s website Books for Hikers. Linda is a retired librarian and long-time volunteer for the Florida Trail Association, as well as the organizing founder of the AT Museum Research Library at the Appalachian Trail Museum in Pennsylvania.