Class of 2010

Joining well-known trail angel “Gatorade Gordon” Smith in his efforts to get more long distance hikers to try the Florida Trail, Randy Anderson (aka “Chuck Norris”), who’d completed the trail the year before, worked with his wife LuAnne (aka “Tigger”) and Gordon to help hikers complete their journey from Big Cypress to Fort Pickens. Having such hiker support available grew the ranks of Florida Trail hikers quickly in a way not seen in the previous 25 years. Long-time Florida Trail Association long distance hiker and the only woman to ever serve as FTA VP of Trails, hiking grandmother Joan Hobson, completed her last long distance hike this year.

Hikers completing the Florida Trail in 2010

Bill “Bush Whacker” Bush, Palm Beach Gardens FL
Gordon R. “Gandalf” Crawford, Whittier CA
Paul “Bear Bag Hanger” Guyon*, Palm City FL
Brad Henderson, Mary Esther FL
John-Michael “H.R. HuffnPuff” Hernandez, San Francisco CA
Joan “Igloo” Hobson, Minneola FL
Joel “Wounded Knee” Kaiser, Port St. Lucie FL
Frank “Sunset” Masters, Liberty SC
Barbara “Nails” Quinn, Lake Mary FL
Rachel “Racheopod” Renne, Nocatee FL
Edward B. “Old Pack” Selby, Naples FL
Christine “German Tourist” Thuermer, Berlin Germany
Kraig “Mover Star” Williamson, Newport Beach CA
John “Nascar” Williamson, Hernando FL
George “Billy Goat” Woodard Jr., Wellington NV