Class of 2011

2011 marked the last year that “Gatorade Gordon” Smith provided van support to long distance hikers along the Florida Trail. With his health declining, it was time for someone else to step in to help, and that would be our own Randy and LuAnne Anderson, aka Chuck Norris and Tigger. They worked side by side with Gordon for 2010 and 2011, encouraging more long distance hikers to come to Florida and try the Florida Trail. By the number of hikers that made it all the way, it worked!

Hikers completing the Florida Trail in 2011

Chris Binder, Ridgefield CT
Bill “Bush Whacker” Bush, Palm Beach Gardens FL
Eric Bow, Czech Republic
Phil “Max” Clayberg, Magnolia DE
Clete “Cope” Granade, Baxley GA
Irene “Alpenblick” Hall, Duluth GA
Pete “Zipoff” Hirst, Edgewater FL
Peter “Old Corpus” Hoffman, Corpus Christi TX
Amanda “Jugglin’ June Cleaver” Hus, Tampa FL
David “Speaker” Keegan, Hilton NY
Michael Kein, Belleair FL
Caterina Lewis-Perry, Belleair FL
Misti “Ridley” Little, Magnolia TX
Christopher “Panther” Little, Magnolia TX
Bill “FireBall” Luttge, Gainesville FL
Ben Mayberry, Portland OR
Rich “Key West” Mayfield, Laguna Hills CA
George Meek, Arlington VA
Larry Myers, St. Cloud FL
Kevin “Sparky” Sparks, Bloomfield NM
Ed Talone, Silver Springs MD
Tim “Head-n-Out” Van Nest, Kent City MI
Dick “HikeOn” Vogel, Fort White FL