Class of 2018

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Hikers completing the Florida Trail in 2018

Joe “Gasket” Alonso
Tom “High Loon” Barrett, Newark OH
Bobby “Bobby Hill” Blaine, Austin TX
Baker Bokorney, Sarasota FL
Bill “Bush Whacker” Bush, Jupiter FL (SOBO) – 6 times completed
Andrew “Good Man Gramps” Bement, Orono ME
Lauralee “Blissful” Bliss, VA
Jamey Bryant
Sadie “Sketchy” Curry, Eugene OR
Matt “Michigan” Dempsey
Bobby Diaz, Tampa FL
Jim “Rambler” Eagleton, FL*
Eric “Orange Blazer” Emery, Mill City OR
David “Davius” Gaborit, Nantes, France
Matt “Softwalker” Halfar, Mahomet IL (ECT)
Roger “Balto” Harmon
Judy “Frenchbread” Johnson, Des Moines IA
Ekaterina “Sugar Rush” Kaminsky, Princeton NJ
Jeffery “Just Jeff” Kazar, Akron OH
Jeremy Knopp, Franklin TN (ECT)
Perry Michael Koussiafes, Tallahassee FL*
Andrew “Capt Awesome!” Kovanis, Dunedin FL
Aaron “Soda” Landon, Rochester MN
Grace “Rescue” Linnabary
Eric “Sundown” Manbeck, Boalsburg PA
Candace “Woodchuck” Mickle
Daniel “Chopsticks” Munsell, Columbus OH (set new FKT)
Stephanie “Snapper” Muttart
Charles “Lucky Man” Noe
Susanne “Snapper” Plank, Orange CA
Emily “Fine Line” Rhodes, Troy MI (ECT)
Albert “Ninja Tortoise” Scott, Eugene OR (ECT)
Nathan “Sampson” Simpson
David “Day-Late” Thibault, Tuscon AZ