Our Programs

Since early 2014, the Florida Trail Hikers Alliance has developed an array of volunteer programs to educate the public about the Florida Trail, to provide hiker recognition, and to provide on-trail hiker support. While we have many more plans in the works, these are the programs where we currently spend our volunteer time, effort, and donations from generous supporters and donors.

Education and Outreach

Billy Goat DayHikers at 2016 Billy Goat Day

Billy Goat Day is a Florida Trail hiker reunion and celebration all rolled into one. It is always held on January 28, legendary long distance hiker Billy Goat’s birthday. It provides an annual opportunity for day hikers, trail maintainers, long distance hikers, and trail angels to mix, mingle, and learn about each other.

Hiker Recognition

Florida Trail CompletionsBilly Goat Day 2017

Florida Trail thru-hikers and section hikers alike are acknowledged by the Florida Trail Hikers Alliance with our rosters of who has completed the Florida Trail since 1966. If you’re missing from these lists, you can add your information to be included.

Thousand Miler AwardsFlorida Trail Thousand Miler Award

If you’ve put in a unique thousand miles or more on the Florida Trail, we have an award for you beyond listing you on the completion roster for your year: a one-of-a-kind customized plaque commemorating your achievement.

Hiker Support

Florida Trail HikersRandy Anderson leads hikers along the Kissimmee section in 2010 (LuAnne Anderson)

Florida Trail Hikers is our public Facebook group where hikers seeking information about trail conditions, camping, hike planning, and more can ask the experts. Within this group is a private group specifically for current year thru-hikers and section hikers to interact with current trail angels and trail maintainers.

Florida Trail KickoffFT Kickoff 2014

An annual event to gather hikers together at the beginning of thru-hiker season, the Florida Trail Kickoff encourages camaraderie while providing shuttle support to the trail terminus. We are planning the 2019 Kickoff for the first weekend in January, details to come.